In The Beginning…

#LarryDavid, #WomenWriters, #BRAVO, #LenaDunham, #NoraEphron

What I’m experiencing is a textbook case of performance anxiety. I want this first post to be a successful introduction to what I intend as a site dedicated to the development of essays that offer social commentary under a wide umbrella. Under this dome topics like art, design, literature, film, politics are imminent but also anticipate the poppy-ist pop culture mentions like BRAVO Television happenings and HBO/Showtime/Netflix productions. I’ll just say it now: I’m obsessed with Larry David so I am likely to jump on any LD related news. Then I’ll analyze it from every angle I can think of.

As a true introvert, I cautiously bolster myself into the throws of participating in this global, sociological phenomenon we call blogging by summoning two of my idols, Lena Dunham and Nora Ephron. Both women speak to strong, honest, brave, sometimes raw, naked (literally in Ms. Dunham’s case) issues. Both ingeniously tap their insecurities for the sake of their art (and our entertainment) so brilliantly it often seems effortless.

If Ms. Ephron were alive she would be 76 while Lena Dunham is 31. At 49, I land in the middle which makes me think about the proverbial torch passed down through generations of women writers. The torch represents voices that inform, comfort, enrage, challenge, inspire and enthrall us. So, In the beginning, I want to thank women writers who have captivated me and provoked me into becoming an active observer of life (and who are all likely to pop up in future essays). I look forward to writing in the spirit of their wisdom and courage.




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