No-Reach Zone

Personal Essays

If I could make a single improvement in the way motor vehicles are designed, I would completely eliminate the ever-infuriating No-Reach Zone. You know, its that place in your car – that infuriating margin of space between your driver’s seat and the center console. It’s like an N52 magnet for zillions of little items like keys, pens, coins and french fries. No matter how you try, its impossible to reach what you’ve dropped.

I find my insight notable/blog-able in two capacities. First, my mind is in no way mechanically inclined but even I can think of a simple way to re-create the front seats of cars without the need for that ever-frustrating sliver of ultimate stuff-sucking void. Second, The No-Reach  Zone is on the Top 5 List of things I would share with Larry David if, by some miracle, I had him as a captive audience for a few moments. I have this fantasy that I’m in Santa Monica, bump into him in a coffee shop, share my Top 5 List and he masterfully weaves one of my ideas into an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.

So, next time The No-Reach Zone inhales your last breath mint before a big meeting or your credit card whilst trying to exit a parking garage that doesn’t accept cash, remember the No-Reach Zone. If you feel inclined, please share the observation with Larry David should you ever run into him in a coffee shop.











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