Coastal California Spring


Here in California, those of us who live near the ocean experience a period of cool, grey days in spring often referred to as May Grey or June Gloom. Most years, the sun finally makes its warm face known for July 4th which always feels like the advent of summer for me since June is sweater weather.

April is usually beautiful, so we are lulled into light, sunny moods. Then, come May, we are suddenly eclipsed in a clouded, somber marine layer that, for me, feels heavy with oppression.

In an effort to appreciate the lovely young spring now, and to prepare for the upcoming late spring’s drab, blanketed days, Im playing with the makings of a poem.

Here is my first swipe at it:

Coastal Spring by the Pacific

rare and tender spring twilight
bears a modest, blushing sky
timidly bruised  pink and purple.
a light divine hand drags
gauzy clouds toward the horizon
into puffs that invite sailor’s earnest dissertations
to the atmospheric dusk,
clear and permissive


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