Shep Rose is like a child, That longs for everything it can come by…

Bravo Television Commentary

Five Insights for Shep Rose Regarding LOVE

I’ve, many times, started to report my thoughts on Shep Rose and his troubled heart. Then a rush of so many disconnected  philosophies flood my mind, the list of things to mention reads as long as Craig’s career goals last season. So, I close the computer, pour another glass of sweet tea and put it off till another day

Today, I challenge myself to make some written headway on the subject. I know, its easy to analyze someone else from afar so please don’t label me a hater. Its only with best wishes I weigh in on how Shep might deal with some issues that separate him from true love.

I really do adore Shep. He’s an imperative piece of the perfectly cast reality show, Southern Charm (Thursday night’s on BRAVO Television) that chronicles the lives of a group of colorful, entertaining Charlestonians.

Principal character Shep Rose is Charming (note the capital C) and that’s why he gets away with all kinds of mischief. He’s handsome, funny and doesn’t appear to take himself too seriously. He loafs around Charleston behaving like he’s on eternal vacation. He ambles into bars, hangs around golf courses and hunting lodges and doesn’t seem to have a care in the world. And that might be, Unless, he is truly interested in love. If he is, he has to focus, strengthen his attention span, and stop reaching for every easy, meaningless involvement that comes along.

I’ll mention five (of ten) items I think Shep needs to sort through if his intentions for a real partner are honorable.  We’ll see how things go. I may publish five more.

1.So Shep,….its time to come to terms with the fantasy of marrying a sweet, privately educated, Southern sorority girl from a strong southern family who has the makings of a skilled wife and mommy.  Those girls are serious about their futures when they’re young and get snatched up by their contemporaries after graduation.  The gap between you and young college graduates is widening by the nanosecond. I’m not brow-beating you for failing to snag your college girlfriend. I’m suggesting, in case you think about it once in a while, you put that thought in the no longer available bin.

2. You are extremely blessed with a loving family. Your parents seem a couple whose connection is authentically solid, rooted in respect, true affection and tradition.  Their love story  has rendered a beautiful family and lifestyle. They are to be congratulated for their dedication to each other and your esteem is well-placed. However, idealizing your parents could be holding you back.

At 38, please understand even the most successful couples have hiccups and struggles. Projecting a united front to the world shows manners and breeding but, even they have had their private strains.

3. Southerners are a group largely misunderstood by the outside world. The south is full of beauty, tragedy, heartache and ghosts. According to my own (undocumented) research, most folks have negative associations with the south (this author exempt). Since you stem from old southern roots, a fellow southerner might understand you best. My stomach catches as I write this. It’s plain weird to suggest that people ‘stick with their kind’. I’m not speaking in terms of religion, heritage, color or socio-economic group. What I mean is, a deep love of the south (for all its good and bad) might be a mutual point of deep connection between you and a potential love.

4. Find a balanced counterpart. Let’s be honest, you are a H -A -M, HAM! You are outgoing and easy with people. You love attention. Your Speedo wearing theatrics is but one example. I see you with a Laura Bush type. Think about it. Politics totally aside, you need a smart, well-mannered, sweet, funny, sincere lady who will give you straight-up advice and balance your antics. Think Laura Bush’s calm, brainy, librarian intellect set against her husband’s loose, partying, lack of structure.* Opposites make wonderful partnerships. Adorable Cameran and her husband are the perfect illustration.

5. Reach for that special feeling. Anyone who has genuinely fallen in love knows that chemistry is key. Some people grow to love one another which is a profound experience too but if you find an authentic spark, a palpable energy with someone, then follow your instinct and don’t give up when the first inconvenience comes along. Be a gentleman. Show respect and value a little restraint. Remember how you fumbled last year? You wanted to be unattached for a weekend wedding and thus let Austin swoop in on the beautiful, smart and fun-loving Chelsea. Enough said. (I hope that didn’t hurt too much.)

Bless the hearts (and I mean this sincerely – no snark attached) of Shep Rose and his castmates for bearing their souls for the rest of us to watch and enjoy. They provide a lot of fun escapism for viewers.

*This referral to Laura and George Bush comes from what I’ve read about the couple’s early days of courtship/marriage and how they found common ground in their relationship. This notation does not indicate any political statement or leaning.  I’m speaking only in terms of marriage and successful personal relationships. 



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